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Greetings New Milford! Welcome to National Library Week! 
“Find Your Place At The Library” was the American Library Association’s chosen theme for this year before the pandemic forced most libraries to temporarily close their physical spaces. We’re certainly glad you’ve found the library at your space! But you can still find your place at the library too as you get accustomed to the virtual spaces libraries are working to fill and furnish. We would like to take this opportunity to open a forum to share and inspire good reads. Our Library Staff shares what they’re reading; we’d love you to share yours as well! Please tell us what you’re reading! e-mail: reference@newmilford.bccls.org Hope you enjoy this space and happy reading!


Darlene, Technical Services | Social Media

“The Empire of the Eagle: An Illustrated Natural History” by Mike Unwin and David Tipling : A lavishly illustrated celebration of each of the world’s sixty-eight currently recognized eagle species in all their magnificence and beguiling diversity.

“The Autobiography of James T. Kirk” by David A. Goodman : The Autobiography of James T. Kirk chronicles the greatest Starfleet captain’s life (2233–2371), in his own words. From his birth on the U.S.S. Kelvin, his youth spent on Tarsus IV, his time in the Starfleet Academy, his meteoric raise through the ranks of Starfleet, and his illustrious career at the helm of the Enterprise, this in-world memoir uncovers Captain Kirk in a way Star Trek fans have never seen.

“Birds of prey : hawks, eagles, falcons, and vultures of North America” by Pete Dunne : A visually stunning, comprehensive resource on North America’s birds of prey. Always a popular group of birds, raptors symbolize freedom and fierceness, and in Pete Dunne’s definitive guide, these traits are portrayed in hundreds of stunning color photographs showing raptors up close, in flight, and in action—fighting, hunting, and nesting.


New Milford Mayor Michael J. Putrino

“The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company” by Robert Iger : A memoir of leadership and success: The executive chairman of Disney, Time’s 2019 businessperson of the year, shares the ideas and values he embraced during his 15 years as CEO while reinventing one of the world’s most beloved companies and inspiring the people who bring the magic to life.

“The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton : The Outsiders is a coming-of-age novel by S. E. Hinton, first published in 1967 by Viking Press. Hinton was 15 when she started writing the novel but did most of the work when she was 16 and a junior in high school. Hinton was 18 when the book was published.

“The Shining” by Stephen King : A classic of modern American horror from the undisputed master, Stephen King.


Terrie, Director of the New Milford Public Library

“The Giver of Stars” by JoJo Moyes : Set in Depression-era America, a breathtaking story of five extraordinary women and their remarkable journey through the mountains of Kentucky and beyond.
“Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon : The first in the popular Outlander Series books. The story is absorbing and heartwarming as it evokes the land and lore of Scotland
“QuickBooks Online for Dummies” by Elaine Marmel : Master the fundamentals of QuickBooks Online—the world’s most popular software for fast and easy mobile accounting.

Finding Chika: A Little Girl, an Earthquake, and the Making of a Family by [Mitch Albom]

Marian, Library Operations Supervisor

“Finding Chika: A Little Girl, an Earthquake, and the Making of a Family” by Mitch Albom : Mitch Albom’s most personal story to date: an intimate and heartwarming memoir about what it means to be a family and the young Haitian orphan whose short life would forever change his heart.


Gloria, Circulation Assistant and Page

“Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson : Learn how to keep from letting the little things in life drive you crazy. In thoughtful and insightful language, author Richard Carlson reveals ways to calm down in the midst of your incredibly hurried, stress-filled life.

“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne : This best-selling 2006 self-help book by Rhonda Byrne, is based on the belief of the law of attraction, which claims that thoughts can change a person’s life directly.

Eat, Pray, Die (An Eat, Pray, Die Humorous Mystery Book 1) by [Chelsea Field]  This Pen For Hire (A Jaine Austen Mystery series Book 1) by [Laura Levine]

Judith, Library Assistant

“Eat, Pray, Die” by Chelsea Field : A fresh and funny romantic mystery series about a witty, down-to-earth heroine with a job you’ve never seen before.

“This Pen for Hire” by Laura Levine : Levine delivers the goods, and readers who appreciate a heroine with wry, self-deprecating humor will hope Jaine soon gets caught up in another murder.

One Long Tune: The Life and Music of Lenny Breau  The Day the Music Died: The Last Tour of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens: The Last Tour of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens

Brian, our Reference Librarian

“One Long Tune: The Life and Music of Lenny Breau” by Ron Forbes-RobertsMr. Guitar Chet Atkins called Lenny Breau (1941-1984) the greatest guitarist who ever walked the face of the earth. Breau began playing the instrument at age seven, and went on to master many styles, especially jazz.

“The Day the Music Died: The Last Tour of Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens” by Larry Lehmer : The night of February 3, 1959, Buddy Holly, the “Big Bopper” (J.P. Richardson), and new Latino star Ritchie Valens boarded a small chartered aircraft on tour, which would become one of the key dates in rock history – the “day the music died,” as Don McLean sang in “American Pie.

Daddy Love: A Novel    The Doll-Master: And Other Tales of Terror  Evil Eye: Four Novellas of Love Gone Wrong  As Old As Time: A Twisted Tale (Twisted Tale, A)

Linda, Library Page

“Daddy Love” by Joyce Carol Oates : Kidnapping a latest victim in a string of young boys he tortures and rapes, a self-styled preacher confines the child in a small box and gradually brainwashes him over subsequent years into believing that they are father and son; while the boy’s mother, who was savagely injured during the abduction, clings to hope that her son is alive.

“House Next Door” by James Patterson : Collects three stories, including “The Killer’s Wife,” in which Detective McGrath encourages a relationship with a suspect’s wife in order to locate six missing girls.

“Doll Master: And Other Tales of Terror” by Joyce Carol Oates : Six terrifying tales to chill the blood from the unique imagination of Joyce Carol Oates. A young boy plays with dolls instead of action figures. But as he grows older, his passion takes on a darker edge…A white man shoots dead a black boy creating a media frenzy. But could it be that it was self-defense as he claims? A nervous woman tries to escape her husband. He says he loves her, but she’s convinced he wants to kill her…These quietly lethal stories reveal the horrors that dwell within us all.

“Evil Eye: Four Novellas of Love Gone Wrong” by Joyce Carol Oates : Featuring four stories of love gone horribly wrong, this collection includes “The Flat-Bed,” in which Cecelia, in order to enjoy the pleasures of intimacy with the love of her life, is forced to come face-to-face with the vile man who stole her innocence when she was just a child.

“As Old as Time: a Twisted Tale” by Liz Braswell : What if Belle’s mother cursed the Beast?  As Old As Time is the third book in a new YA line that reimagines classic Disney stories in surprising new ways. When Belle touches the Beast’s enchanted rose, memories flood through Belle’s mind-memories of a mother she thought she would never see again. And, stranger still, she sees that her mother is none other than the beautiful enchantress who cursed the castle and all its inhabitants. Shocked and confused, Belle and the Beast will have to unravel a dark mystery about their families that is 21 years in the making.


New Milford Councilwoman Hedy Grant

“Bad Blood. Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup
by John Carreycou : The full inside story of the breathtaking rise and shocking collapse of Theranos, the one-time multibillion-dollar biotech startup founded by Elizabeth Holmes—now the subject of the HBO documentary The Inventor—by the prize-winning journalist who first broke the story and pursued it to the end.

“Kitchen Confidential” by Anthony Bourdain : A deliciously funny, delectably shocking banquet of wild-but-true tales of life in the culinary trade from Chef Anthony Bourdain

“Hidden Valley Road : Inside the Mind of an American Family” by Robert Kolker : The heartrending story of a mid-century American family with twelve children, six of them diagnosed with schizophrenia, that became science’s great hope in the quest to understand the disease.

      Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: A Doctor's Quest to Understand, Treat, and Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

New Milford Councilwoman Lisa Sandhusen
Human Heart, Cosmic Heart by Thomas Cowen MD : In Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, Dr. Thomas Cowan presents a new way of understanding the body’s most central organ. He offers a new look at what it means to be human and how we can best care for ourselves―and one another.
Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer : As a botanist, Robin Wall Kimmerer has been trained to ask questions of nature with the tools of science. As a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, she embraces the notion that plants and animals are our oldest teachers. In Braiding Sweetgrass, Kimmerer brings these two lenses of knowledge together to take us on “a journey that is every bit as mythic as it is scientific, as sacred as it is historical, as clever as it is wise”
Climate: A New Story by Charles Eisenstein : Flipping the script on climate change, Eisenstein makes a case for a wholesale reimagining of the framing, tactics, and goals we employ in our journey to heal from ecological destruction


Remy, Circulation Assistant & Page

“The Summer Retreat” by Shelia Robert : Join bestselling author Sheila Roberts for a seaside escape to the beaches of Moonlight Harbor

“Lethal” by Sandra Brown : A young mother living on the Louisiana bayou and a man accused of murder must solve a corruption case while on the run from a dangerous manhunt.

The Complete Alice: with the Original Illustrations by Sir John Tenniel in Full Colour

Robbie, Library Assistant

“Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll
“Because of the way the world is now sort of upside down, I am rereading “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass” as an adult. I was given this book when I was 5 years old and don’t remember the last time I read it. My copy is adapted for “Little Folks’”from the original story by Lewis Carroll with illustrations in full colors from the original designs by John Tenniel. It is one of my most precious possessions.” – Robbie

The Woman in Cabin 10 (No Series)

Amy, Circulation Assistant

“The Woman in Cabin 10” by Ruth Ware : From New York Times bestselling author of the “twisty-mystery” (Vulture) novel In a Dark, Dark Wood, comes The Woman in Cabin 10, an equally suspenseful and haunting novel from Ruth Ware—this time, set at sea.

Children’s Librarian Sun

“The Giver” by Lois Lowry
“Jack” by Liesl Shurtliff
“Atomic Habits” by James Clear

Anna, Adult Services Librarian

“Island of Sea Women” by Lisa See
“The Round House” by Louise Erdrich

Yolanda, Head of Circulation

“Everything I Never Told You” by Celeste Ng
“The Dutch House” by Ann Patchett
“Before We Were Yours” by Lisa Wingate
“The Better Liar” by Tanen Jones
“Actress” by Anne Enright
“The Country Guesthouse” by Robyn Carr
“Summer of ’69” by Elin Hilderbrand

Ruth, Circulation Assistant

“Master of the House of Darts” by Aliette De Bodard
‘Player’s Handbook (Dungeons & Dragons)” by Wizards RPG Team
“The City We Became” by N. K. Jemisin
“The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl” by Timoth Egan
“Legion versus Phalanx: The Epic Struggle for Infantry Supremacy in the Ancient World” by Myke Cole